Meet our Chapter Lead Director : Emna Ghariani

Emna Ghariani stands at the forefront of one of the most challenging industries of the modern world : Entrepreneurship. She spent the last couple of years working in several companies wearing many hats from Project and Event Manager  to Product Manager and has helped position The Founder Institute Tunisia as a leader in the startup launching Business as its Chapter lead Director with an experience with entrepreneurs from all over the world .

emna_ghariani      A calculated risk-taker with deep tech industry knowledge, Emna  has been closely working with startups in the Silicon Valley helping them through all the the steps of establishing a business ´´She’s been there to help when I could barely form a pitch, to now where I am looking for as much feedback & exposure I can get. It would be impossible to calculate how valuable her feedback has been for my team and I. At every milestone we hit, she has provided guidance and advice. ´´ said Paul M. Geoffrion a  Co-Founder at .

At a very young age Emna was able to stand out by making a balance between academic , social and professional success, she had her BA in business management from the University of Carthage and Masters from the University of Arkansas  with a focus on Operations Management and Supervision. As a student Emna was the External Relations and Sponsorship Responsible in AIESEC and was selected as Middle East Partnership Initiative ( MEPI )  student leader  and  NESA UGRAD Scholar, two exchange programs funded by the US Departement of State .

As a Startup Consultant and Advisor based in the Silicon Valley with a deep knowledge  and expertise in  lean management, pitch and go to market strategies , Emna Ghariani is working on encouraging the under-tapped forces of Tunisian entrepreneurs  that can rekindle the economic expansion in Tunisia.



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