Meet Our Mentors: Khaled Ben Jilani

        Khaled Ben Jilani Helped Mentor Founders through the ideation, bootstrapping and fundraising phases, passing up his expertise in private investments, deal negotiation, structuring and fundraising.

      As an Investment officer with an expertise in private equity investment, Khaled does not hesitate to help and enlarge the sphere of the founders knowledge by giving them a feel of the dynamic investment world which makes him a great asset for Founder Institute Tunisia team.


      Khaled is an expert in equity management with an international experience of over 17 years .throughout his career he worked for several companies in Sub-Saharan Africa seating in the board of several companies like : Cogébanque, a commercial Bank in Rwanda Aquila Capital an asset management and leasing company in Nigeria , Microred Madagascar…

      Khaled is leading over 20 investments in Northern and Sub-Saharan Africa  in various economic sectors.Prior to joining AfricInvest-TunInvest, Khaled was a strategy consultant at Proxicom, VA, USA, a company listed on the Nasdaq,where he led strategy consulting mission. Prior to joining Proxicom, Khaled was an analyst with Barlcays Bank in Paris France.




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