Meet Our Mentors : Hassine Labaied

With an experience of over 12 years in the banking industry within big financial institutions, Hassine Labaied has a deep knowledge in business development, risk management and strategic planning.


Hassine is currently the managing partner of  Saphon Energy, a Tunisian-based cleantech startup specialized in research and development [R&D] in the wind industry.  Hassine won the  2015 Gulfstream competition.  According to Mr. Labaied, their design is mainly inspired by the mechanism of a sail boat, and is a new and better way to collect the kinetic energy of the wind.

Hassine Holds a BA from IHEC Carthage and an executive MBA from London Business School .  Prior to co-founding Saphon Energy , Hassine was a Director at Citibank  Dubai where he managed the top-tier local corporate team.

The Founder Institute is honored to have Hassine in its pool of mentors.  Being the modest and humble person he is, Hassine is very popular amongst the founders and his fellow mentors . He does not hesitate to share his experience and expertise with those around him.

With his strive for accuracy and fairness Hassine is   leading an innovating business with a lot of passion and ambition.



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