Rym Baouendi

Rym Baouendi is an urban sustainability catalyst and social entrepreneur with over twelve years of experience in the field of urban sustainability and social innovation.

Rym wears many hats including co-founder of Cogite, the first co-working place in Tunisia , she is also working with the Biat Fondation on an entrepreneurial program as well as a consultancy firm that works in the region. She’s deeply passionate about working on sustainable development and concepts of cities and how people, especially youth, interact in cities.

Rym  holds a Master of Applied Science degree in Building Engineering from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada,  a Masters of Civil and Urban Planning Engineering from INSA Lyon (France) and a Diploma in Initial Studies in Architecture from the School of Architecture of Lyon (France).


Source : http://www.cogite.tn/team/rym-baouendi/

In 2010 Rym  founded Medina Works, a sustainability consultancy based in the UAE and Tunis. She is now its managing director . ´´Medina works ´´ provides technical and advisory services related to sustainability in the built environment, sustainability management, impact measurement , reporting and capacity building.

Rym is also a founding member of the Tunisian Green Building Council and  City Changemakers . In her early career, Rym worked  for several agencies across the region like : Abu Dhabi Urban Panning Council, Buro Happold, Estimator ..

Rym is a passionate and dedicated person that would stop at nothing to contribute to the establishment  of sustainable  solutions working on human capital development and entrepreneurship.


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