Meet Our Mentors: Fatène Ben-Hamza

It all starts with a dream right? a dream of a revolution helped collapse a dictatorship regime and a dream of making of Tunisia the next startup Hub is a dream on which a lot of young entrepreneurs are working so hard to achieve.

Entrepreneurship was never only about creating startups because if the environment is not ready to embrace the new businesses all will very soon collapse. Entrepreneurial spirit can never be fostered without a culture of sharing  . What made places like the Silicon Valey become the home of the largest high tech corporations  is a desire to create, willingness to share knowledge and a drive to a big change.

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That’s why Cogite was founded, the first co-working space in Tunisia. Cogite is not only a physical space for early stage startups , Cogite aims to promote the culture of sharing among  Tunisian youth by creating a space where they can create, express and exchange ideas.

Fatène Ben-Hamza is the Chief Operating Officer of Cogite.Fatène is a French-Tunisian business strategist who moved to Tunisia in 2009 . Fatène  returned to Tunisia with lots of dreams and drive to share her expertise with those around her as she worked for six years  in the advertising industry as a brand strategist working with many international and local clients.

Co-founded the Afkar conference, a think & action tank bridging spaces between government and civil society to promote concrete solutions to relevant problems in Tunisia. Fatène is also the organizer and co-curator of TEDxCarthage since 2011, and TEDxCarthageWomen.

She is passionate about building spaces for people to create, express and exchange ideas. After six years, Ben-Hamza has joined Cogite, a coworking community of change-makers and entrepreneurs in Tunisia.


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