Meet Our Mentor : Sami Ben Romdhane

We are very glad to announce that Sami Ben Romdhane will join us as a   Mentor with the Founder Institute Tunisia for our mentor idea review session, one of the big milestones of the semester. What a delight to benefit from  his great expertise  as a  fervent startuper, blogger, coach and mentor.

For those who don’t know about Sami Ben Romdhane, he is an excellent graduated from ENSI, started his  career in France where he  developed software for Mac and then got hired by Apple Europe and ended up relocated in Cupertino,CA,  after 8 years.

His Entrepreneurial journey started in early 1996, when he founded his first startup, developing a WYSIWYG HTML editor for MAC, that was sold the same year to Symantec Java division where he became Chief Architect for their internet Middleware division.

sami ben romadhane

In 2000 he start a new entrepreneurial adventure, founding his 2nd startup  that developed a full internet application backend stack. He then sold it to BEA Systems (now Oracle) in 2005 where he became Director and Chief Architect for the Weblogic Application platform.

After his two successful startups, Sami didn’t stop. In 2009, he joined eBay where he is now Technical Fellow and Vice President.

Sami’s experience is not only impressive from a professional perspective but also his community involvement has been impressive.  He also is very fond of his native land Tunisia. He felt a duty to give back to his nation and its people.

As a blogger, he joined a US state department delegation to North Africa in 2011 to promote entrepreneurship.  He also recently volunteered to represent the ICT minister initiative to promote offshoring “Smart Tunisia” and become its ambassador in Silicon Valley.

As part of the diaspora in the Silicon Valley, he is an example everybody should follows in benefiting his country. We are honored to have him amongst us. We believe with no doubt that founders will greatly benefit from his feedback, while they pitch him their ideas and try to convince him and our amazing pool of mentors that they are the drivers of the economic revolution in Tunisia


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