I’m an Artist, can I be an Entrepreneur?


Let’s think about it for a minute. Even though the term Art is still vague and always hard to define, there is no doubt: artists are creative human beings. In other words, an artist is constantly looking for change, inspiration, innovation, anything that is out of the ordinary. An artist is also perceived as someone who is exceptionally good at something, and this something can be music, painting, choreography, crafts, pottery, fashion design or anything else.

Basically, what artists do is turning an abstract idea into a real concrete thing. Pretty much what entrepreneurs do. The only difference that may exist here is that typical entrepreneurs tend to create what they create for the sake of satisfying other people’s needs, while artists’ creations are usually meant to answer artists’ needs.

This does not mean that artists are not capable of providing people with things they need. Think of a musician soundtracking a movie, a photographer taking wedding pictures, a cartoon artist entertaining hundreds of thousands of kids from all over the world, a fashion designer making dresses that a myriad of women would wear, a graphic designer who turns websites and blogs into genuine pieces of art, or a even a pastry cook who bakes cakes of all flavors and shapes to be served in special occasions or in family gatherings. How better kind of entrepreneur can you be?

Now, all that being said, being an artist does not only mean you can be an entrepreneur, but chances that you become a unique and brilliant one are indeed very high! Let’s start with the fact that becoming an artist-entrepreneur means that you will turn your passion into a profession, which will keep you perseverant and passionate despite all obstacles and hard times you may face throughout your journey. Also, a curious and imaginative mind as yours will keep your work original and trendy. Last but not least, being an artist means to strive for perfection and to pay attention to details, which is critical for the success of any business.

So, ladies and gentlemen, the answer is not a “yes, you can” but rather an “OF COURSE, YOU ONE HUNDRED TIMES CAN!!!”

With the Founder Institute, you get that chance without even needing an idea to start with and you get to build a tech fast scalable business, based on your passion and art.

Photo Credit:  © UNHCR/E.Dorfman


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