An Entrepreneur. A Quality.

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Every year, hundreds of new Entrepreneurs are born everywhere in the world. Here is a list of a number of famous entrepreneurs that you probably know, but do not know much about the secret of their success. Each one of them will be introduced by an important quality of him or her that is considered to be critical for every entrepreneur who wants to run a successful business.

Steve Jobs (of course…): Creative

Okay, apparently this guy is going to show up whenever someone speaks of entrepreneurs. Well, if it is so, then, there must be a good reason for that.

« Creativity is just connecting things » he believed. Creativity is the magic formula for the success of any product and any business. Apple wouldn’t have been as strong and successful as a company if the whole business were not relying on creativity and constant innovation.

Jobs believed that creativity can be present anywhere, in any field, and creative people are simply the ones who are constantly looking for new original/ alternative ways to do things. Anything. Creative people may be creative in writing, drawing, organinzing, managing, delivering a speech, or even in communicating an idea. Creativity is so attractive that if you are known for being creative, you will always be on the top of people’s minds whenever they feel thirsty for change which is the case for Apple’s loyals.

Oprah Winfrey : Emotionally Intelligent (Equiminent)

Human beings are emotional creatures by nature. However, some people tend to know how to control their emotions, positive as well as negative, better than others. Oprah Winfrey is really good at that. Ms. Winfrey started it all from scratch and built a whole empire, all thanks to her well-developed communication skills and emotional intelligence. You may still wonder what on earth does this emotional intelligence stand for. Well, no one could deny how great Oprah is as a communicator and show presenter. You can always feel that she knows exactly what to say, when to laugh, when to comment, when to cry, when to scream, when to be happy, when to be sad, when to tell a sensitive story and when to tell a stupid joke. And people love that. People are influenced by her attitude and feel comfortable talking to her and being around her, and it is thus easy for them to be influenced by her speech and by her advice. Successful entrepreneurs are those who know how to control their emotions and do the right thing, with the right people, at the right time and in the right place.


Walt Disney : Perseverent

Many are huge fans of Walt Disney classics and even transfer their deep love of Disney cartoons to their kids and would spend months saving money to be able to spend one day in the World of Disney Land ! I wonder though how many are those who know the story of the man who is behind this phenomenal success and how he started creating this magical world for kids (and even adults).

Walt Disney went through a lot before he actually made it. He created his first animation studio in 1921 and was obliged to dissolve his company as he was no longer able to pay the rent. He was then fired and rejected a myriad of times after that before his dream became true. Some people even claim that he was rejected 300 times. Can you imagine being in the same situation? Would you be as patient and persevering as he was? Would you believe in your idea and self strongly enough not to give up instead of doubting if everyone else around you was right about your incapacity to succeed? Well, now you should think about that.

Mark Zuckerberg : Strong Communicator

Mark Zuckerburg is a real success story. The entire globe is connected through a platform that he originally created to connect a couple of University students back to the time he was attending college. Now, Facebook has became the most popular social Network worldwide as the platform users have surpassed 1.79 billion in 2016. Seriously, wow!

A strong and skilled communicator is hiding under that grey hoodie. Mr. Zuckerberg knows exactly what to tell people and what to make them believe in order to keep them loyal users to Facebook. But wait a second. History proves that this guy was not that good of a public speaker back to his first times showing up in public for an interview. He was literally sweating out of discomfort. And look at him now. He is among the best speakers and communicators in the word. He seems by far more relaxed and spontaneous when speaking to the public.

All this being said, communication a real shortcut to people’s minds and hearts, which makes it a real key to succeed in literally anything!


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